Awkward | TV Review

After their terribly misguided foray into scripted television with Skins, I had to see what MTV would do with their second attempt, Awkward. A show about a high school sophomore girl who slips and falls in her bathroom and it is mistaken for a suicide attempt.

Like all MTV shows, the emphasis is not on doing anything new or original, just repackaging what others have already done to try and make a quick buck. The show has all the stereotypes of a John Hughes film, parents who don’t get you, boys who like you but won’t date you because you’re in a different social clique, and rumors get started about you that aren’t true but none of the spunk that made them classics. 

On a positive note, the show does make you feel for the main character, Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), mostly do to Rickards quirky charisma and overall the show does seem to have an energy about it. I just wish they wouldn’t waste the energy on worthless cliche plot elements and horrible attempts to understand the dynamic of female relationships and just have fun because, really, all a high school student wants to do is have fun.

Review by Greg Bright

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