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At the end of what was originally supposed to be its final season, Weeds left us with Nancy surrendering herself for the good of her family. It was the perfect end to a very uneven season (to put it lightly) and really was the perfect way to end the show, Nancy taking the fall for something she didn’t do, to save her family, because in the end, Nancy is always trying to protect her family, much to the chagrin of her family. But alas, here we are in season 7 and 2 episodes in, it has been much like the 6th, trying just a tad too hard.  


Instead of showing us the trial, we start three years later and with Nancy getting released from prison. In it’s first scene, the show has already copped out. Instead of showing us the fun of a trial and how the rest of the family copes without having Nancy around to guide them, we just start when they are reunited three years later, and Nancy is able to, you guessed it, sell marijuana again. 7 seasons in, murder, imprisonment, you name it, Nancy has been a part of it, hell she’s been a part of a Mexican drug cartel and yet all she wants to do is sell marijuana? It’s amazing how little Nancy has developed. She has gone from one of the finest actresses on TV to an annoyance.  


If you’re like me, you’ll keep watching, hoping for the moments, flashes really, of the old brilliance of the show, but if you’ve just been watching on Netflix, I urge you to stop at season 5, its final great season. 


On the surface, Louie should be a horrible show. It’s about a fat, balding white single father who doesn’t really do much except raise his children, and be depressed when they aren’t around. But yet it’s one of the best and funniest shows on TV and it all comes back to Louis C.K who directs, writes and edits every single episode himself. He has no interest in sugar coating anything. His daughter tells her she likes living with her mom more, so when she turns her back he flips her off. It’s absurd yes but really it’s what he wants to do. He knows it’s not her fault, she’s just being honest but god damn it it hurt him, so he takes it out on her when she isn’t looking.   


It’s absurd but honest, and that’s what the show is all about, venting the frustrations of being a shitty but loving single father. All the headaches that come with it, the financials concerns, other kids’ parents, the depression, and the loneliness. It’s all there, and since it’s Louis C.K. you know he’ll make it as funny as humanly possible. A show that is not to be missed.

Reviews by Greg Bright

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