Entertainment Editor’s Note 4/5

We are a nation founded on convenience. Ever since Native Americans first started stepping on our toes by trying to continue occupying this great land, we have been hunting down every conceivable inconvenience with a persistence that would make a cockroach roll its eyes. Need a high-risk loan for twin jet-skis? How about a blanket with sleeves? Cheap labor overseas? You got it.

Most of our waking hours are spent making things more convenient for ourselves. The people that disrupt those notions the least are called our friends. The rest will politely apologize with, “I’m sorry for any inconvenience.” We even have a national “Thanksgiving” holiday to celebrate convenience, followed by Christmas gifts to fill the gaps with conveniences we’re not willing pay for ourselves. Nurseries, boarding schools, and nursing homes are filled with our inconveniences, and we’ll make sure to visit them at our own convenience.

This becomes a common theme in all of our most popular entertainment. TLC seemingly prides itself in reality programming geared towards incredibly inconvenient situations like “600 Pound Mom,” “Little People, Big World,” and “Police Women of Broward County.” You want to watch your terrible commercial-free television in the shower? There’s an app for that.

While I overuse the word “convenient,” devoid of any synonyms, I wonder if we’ll ever possess the capacity to make everyone’s situation livable. Until Jesus throws back the curtain to set things straight, we’ll have to settle for mystery in death, hormones, and anti-depressant medication. How convenient.

(Source: dailyernebraskan.com)